In 1850, 30000 poverty-stricken and malnourished Christians belonging to the God Worshiping Society (Bài Shàngdì Huì) launched a war against the Imperial Qing army which counted 3.4 million soldiers. These Christian revolutionaries were led by Hong Xiuquan, a self-proclaimed soldier of Christ and crusader for justice and peace. By 1853, the Christian army had captured the Nanjing – an ancient Imperial Capital – and killed all Manchu men and then set all Manchu women and children on fire. Manchu were regarded as the Amalekites (or demon-devils as these Christians called them) that needed to be exterminated.

By 1861, the Imperial Qing military no longer existed and the Manchu nobility were planning to flee Beijing and relocate to northern Manchuria where the Christian soldiers would not get them. At the same time, a Serbian-Cossack Christian army attacked Northern Manchuria and massacred Manchu heathens and expelled the rest. To the Manchu, Christianity was out to destroy them. However, the Manchu were saved by an unlikely alliance made up of Americans, French, and British governments who wanted to continue their profitable (and immoral) drug trade in China.

The British and American governments have always been enthralled with supporting nomadic pastoralist tribes over Christian agrarians, and in this case, they declared that the Christian revolutionaries were madmen and madwomen fighting against the Manchu-Mongol army. This was not out of the ordinary. In 1853, Britain and France (with support from the American government) allied with the Muslim nomadic Turks and Tartars during the Crimean war – instead of supporting Christian Russians who would have destroyed the Ottoman Empire and recovered Asia Minor from Muslims Turks – and returned it to the hands of Christendom as Hellenic Asia Minor. Aren’t most of the churches mentioned in the Pauline epistles located in Asia Minor? So, why this fascination with anti-Christian genocidaires? Apart from Russians, were there any European power that tried to stop the genocide of Armenians by Muslim Turks? Didn’t America support Turkey’s annexation of Northern Cyprus?

In the 21st Century, the support for nomadic pastoralist tribes over agrarians continues as evidenced by American and British support for the nomadic Tutsi and Hima pastoralists in Rwanda and Uganda where they have established brutal tyrannies that have killed millions of people in the Great Lakes region. The Anglo-American support for Kosovan muslims against agrarian Serbs, as well as support for muslim Turks against Greeks and Armenians, is a continuation of this diseased fascination with anti-civilizational forces. Even the war in Somalia can be described in the same terms, the Americans and British have allied themselves with nomadic Somali clans to kill and ethnically cleanse agrarian tribes from the fertile plains of Central and South Somalia, and in turn these agrarian communities have turned to al-Shabaab for protection.

In the 19th Century, a philosophy known as nomadology was popular among the anti-Christian European nobility. Nomadology reared its ghoulish head briefly during Nazi reign in Germany and partly justified the war of annihilation launched by the Third Reich against the agrarian Soviet Union, which ended in destruction of Germany and disappearance of Prussia from the map.

Nomadology versus Gnosticism – Explaining the Prime Evil, the Anti-Creation Evil

“Now go, attack the (nomadic pastoralist) Amalekites and totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys” (even the unborn were declared guilty and fit for extermination).

God instructions to King Saul in 1 Samuel 15:3

After taking Nanjing, the God Worshiping Society set the city as the capital of the Heavenly Capital or Tianjing and the region that came under these Christians was designated as the Great Pacified Region or Taiping. These Christians are now known as the Taiping Revolutionaries. What is interesting is their self-designation of Taiping for the areas that came under their rule. This idea of great peace after defeating the forces of disorder and death is rooted in early Christianity, and survived in Gnostic Christianity and Kabbalah, as the eternal war between the forces of creation and the forces of anti-creation.

Gnostic Christianity and Kabbalah recognizes 12 types of evil, with the most primordial evil described as the anti-creation evil, which emerged to destroy creation and human existence. This anti-creation evil ironically created the shadow souls or anti-souls that were able to possess human bodies and turn then into agents of nonredeemable evil (similar to klippot of Kabbalah capturing and concealing holiness so as to drain life from it as well as seed disorder and chaos in the world). That Taiping Christians had an understanding of this evil, and modeled their worldview to combating it in a holy war. The anti-souls possessing human bodies were called demon-devils by Xiuquan, and the mission of his soldiers was to cleanse China of these demon-devils.

What follows is an explanation of how the anti-creation evil came about and why God demanded that his people help redeem creation and heaven by exterminating this type of evil and its creations. It also provides a new perspective of why angels were cast out of heaven after having sex with human women who possessed anti-souls. This explanation is partly based on the explanation provided by the Taiping Christians and partly on explanations provided by Gnostic Christians.

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