On November 10, 2020, a 7-page report that discussed the potential unraveling of Ethiopia – due to the outbreak of war between the Federal Military and TPLF – was concluded and forwarded to a carefully selected team of EU officials, who would then present it to the EU council. The scenario considered in the report was a potential deluge of refugees into Europe from a disturbed region, the Horn of Africa (HoA). The report cautiously analyzed the then 7-day-long armed conflict between ENDF and an alliance of Tigray armed groups, including Tigray Regional Forces and Special Police, and expressed concern about the cohesion of ENDF and the possibility of spill-over of the conflict into the Oromia region.

The report also cautioned against the Tripartite Alliance of Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia, Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea, and Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed of Somalia. Additionally, the report noted the concerns of Saudi Arabia, which feared the crisis could negatively impact the Gulf region – a concern shared by the United Arabs Emirate. Another notable prospect raised in the report was cutting off of the Ethiopia-Djibouti terrestrial transport corridor should the conflict continue unabated. In May 2021, Goitom Gebreluel opined that the HoA is falling under an axis of tyranny led by the 3 aforementioned leaders and that the Tripartite Alliance was destabilizing the region.

Among the issues discussed in the West concerning the future of Ethiopia are if Ethiopia can be peacefully broken up if a rebel coalition takes power in Addis Ababa, and then allow the ethno-regional states to use referenda to vote for secession, which the central government will accept. This is to avoid the Somaliland-like limbo where the semi-autonomous state cannot gain full recognition as a republic unless the national government in Mogadishu consents to its secession. For USG and its European Allies, this will allow for a peaceful version of a Yugoslavia-like breakup, while enabling the trial of Abiy Ahmed Ali for crimes against humanity in an international court just as it happened to the second last President of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic.

If Ethiopia accepts regime attenuation, then there will be a need for a national dialogue supervised by a Government of National Unity that includes the TPLF (and even excludes Abiy Ahmed), which will oversee a constitutional review that will strengthen decentralization. So far, there has been no assessment of whether Abiy Ahmed can develop a strong personality or valor like Xi Jinping who defeated enhanced political warfare, or if Abiy can take bold decisive actions to survive political warfare. It also overlooks the fact that the Ethiopian people have not shown a strong dislike for the government. Even so, popular perception can be changed using witful narrative management that is tailored to drive a wedge between the people and GoE.

Relatedly, how is the USG-EU alliance going to manage the crisis in Ethiopia, while promoting their agenda for Ethiopia?

…this will allow for a peaceful Yugoslavia-like breakup, while enabling the trial of Abiy Ahmed Ali for crimes against humanity in an international court just as it happened to the last President of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic

Command and Control Fusion Center (C2FC) Running a Basma-like Campaign on Ethiopia

In a previous post, it was reported that C2FC “has delegated some of its tasks to disparate subsidiary fusion cells that enjoy some degree of operational autonomy but organizational dependence on the fusion center”. So, what are the functions of C2FC, and who staffs these fusion cells?

The key functions of C2FC can be summarized as advisory, facilitation, capacitation, and intelligence operations. This post focuses on the information capacitance function of the C2FC and some intelligence operations of its allied military and intelligence organizations. The other functions of C2FC will be discussed in later posts.

Information Capacitance

Information capacitance is key to any propaganda campaign, and in the Ethiopian crisis, it involves moderating and controlling media coverage of the war in Tigray – and armed rebellion in Oromia – in a way that disadvantages GoE. This managed media coverage is quite helpful for fusion cells located in Kenya where they work with anti-Abiy elements in the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and National Intelligence Service (NIS) to shape public opinion in favor of supporting TPLF and Oromo secessionists. This clique in KDF and NIS has partnered with other national intelligence agencies and private intelligence firms to train media activists and promote the idea of 2 parallel governments-in-exile – the Oromia Regional National Transitional Government and the Government of the National State of Tigray.

As will be explained later, the current information capacitance operation uses methods and techniques developed in Project Basma, which was a regime change campaign conducted against the government of Syria. The same methods and techniques were then used against Xi Jinping as part of an enhanced political warfare campaign to weaken the Communist Party of China.

Fusion Cells

The staff of these fusion cells is made up of popular media personalities, journalists, university-educated intellectuals, lawyers, democracy activists, humanitarian aid workers (HAW), private intelligence firms, non-governmental organizations (including the Europe External Programme with Africa [EEPA]), and researchers affiliated with Western humanitarian aid agencies and research institutions. The current conjecture by Geopolitics Press is that Stratfor and Janes Information Group – which is owned by Montagu Private Equity – do aid the operations of these cells. Among the democracy activists working in, or with, these fusion cells are prominent democracy activists from Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Uganda; as well as democracy activists based in Europe, Oceania, and North America.

The staff help to create narratives, repurpose descriptions of events, and find ways to deny GoE media publicity. The narrative created by these cells is processed by C2FC before being issued to “media actors” for amplification. The most prized media actors are the multinational media agencies that have a global network of influence that can be leveraged in information warfare campaigns. Consider Reuters with its global network of about 4,000 journalists, and one can get an idea of how a created narrative can be popularized worldwide by these journalists, and even be made the vogue narrative. This was evident during the execution of Project Basma.

Project Basma

In 2014, it was revealed that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), Department for International Development (DfID), and Ministry of Defence – which are all part of the Government of the United Kingdom (GUK) – have been running a joint program to capacitate information campaigns and kinetic operations in Syria. This joint program used the methods of “strategic communications, research, monitoring and evaluation, and operational support to Syrian opposition entities” to achieve its goals. The revelations also showed that FCO favored the building of “local independent media platforms” to outbid the government in narrative management. This joint program is now known as Project Basma, and it fronted an entity called Basma (after which the project is named).

Basma was cloaked as a civil society group that provided a citizen journalism platform. This can be related to the obtuse civil society organization called Civil Society Reference Group, which is a front for the anti-Abiy clique in KDF and NIS to lobby the Kenyan government to support Tigray rebels fighting against GoE.

As a citizen journalism platform, Basma was able to plant stories in international media outlets and run a network of journalists who doubled as intelligence agents. It is still not clear if the Integrity Initiative and Institute for Statecraft played any roles in Project Basma.

Basma Program for Regime Change

In September 2020, leaked documents – which were later acknowledged – revealed that GUK has been funding a propaganda campaign to promote regime change in Syria, as well as buy public sympathy for the armed opposition to Bashar al-Assad’s regime. To cultivate media activists who would serve as stringers in Syria, GUK used the Basma program to train these activists and deploy them to the field. These activists were paired with public relations (PR) firms, which edited and modified their reports before forwarding them to mainstream media outlets as journalistic pieces. The media agencies named in the expose are BBC, Al-Arabiya, Al-Jazeera, and Orient TV.

Private intelligence contractors that were involved in this Syrian campaign include The Global Strategy Network (TGSN), Albany, Analysis Research Knowledge (ARK), and Innovative Communication & Strategies (InCoStrat). InCoStrat and Albany helped the armed opposition handle media relations. Albany even admitted that its core task was defined as “collecting and organising stories and content that support and reinforce the core narrative”.

Basma was able to plant stories in international media outlets and run a network of journalists who doubled as intelligence agents.

The Dubai-based ARK describes itself as a humanitarian NGO that has worked with the State Department, FCO, European Union, United Nations, and the Governments of Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands. TGSN prides itself on having Richard Barrett among its directors. Richard Barrett is the former director of global counter-terrorism for the Secret Intelligence Service (popularly known as Military Intelligence Section 6 or MI6). This implies that he knew that some of their Syrian allies had ties – either direct or indirect – to Al-Qaeda. ARK, which describes some of its functions as “developing civil defence capabilities”, “preventing and countering violent extremism” and “promoting accountability for war crimes, boasts of having an operational presence in Kenya and Somalia.

ARK started developing the political narrative for the opposition in 2011 while still in Gaziantep, Turkey; and later partnered with TGSN to run “97 video stringers, 23 writers, 49 distributors, 23 photographers, 19 in-country trainers, eight training centers, three media offices, and 32 research officers”. ARK was tasked with rebranding the public image of Salafi jihadi rebels, and their civil front (or civilian-facing front). Benjamin Norton states that “ARK ran the social media accounts of the White Helmets, and helped turn the Western-funded group into a key propaganda weapon of the Syrian opposition”.

ARK has boasted of providing “regular branded and unbranded content” to “well-established contacts”, which included top media outlets like “Reuters, the New York Times, CNN, the BBC, The Guardian, the Financial Times, The Times, Al Jazeera, Sky News Arabic, Orient TV, and Al Arabiya”. It also sent dozens of articles to be published by Al Hayat and Asharq Al-Awsat (ibid).

When the Supreme Military Council (SMC) of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was globally denounced for working with violent Salafi mujahideen, ARK was mandated “to establish the image of (SMC and FSA as) a functioning, inclusive, disciplined and professional military body”. A similar situation is ongoing in Ethiopia where TPLF and TDF are being presented in mainstream media outlets as “ functioning, inclusive, disciplined and professional” political party and military body respectively.

TDF field commanders have enjoyed laudatory coverage in mainstream media, with Lieutenant-General Tsadkan Gebretensae of TDF giving an interview to Kenya’s The Elephant in July 2021, where he marketed TDF as the armed military force of the Government of Tigray, not the armed wing of TPLF. In the Interview, Tsadkan presented an image of TDF that is a functioning, disciplined, and professional military body (ibid).

TPLF child soldiers geopolitics-press
TPLF recently, in an error of judgment, paraded armed children, an act that led to condemnation in Ethiopia.
PHOTO SOURCE: Jeff Pearce.

TPLF has also been accused of trying to achieve moral equivalence by dressing children in Tigray with flags of the Amhara Regional State and giving them rifles. Still, the public image of TDF can be softened using clever narrative management and media framing.

ARK is known for “softening the image” of armed groups that Westerners may find troubling as is evidenced in these photographed stickers that it made for the AlQaeda-laced Free Syrian Army.
ARK Project Basma Geopolitics-Press
PHOTO CREDIT: The Grayzone.

Fusion Cells for Intelligence Activities and Lethal Journalism

Understanding the functions and methods of Project Basma makes it easier to understand how C2FC works, and why it chooses the methods it uses to achieve its goals. As mentioned, C2FC’s tasks are delegated to fusion cells.

These fusion cells collect and collate raw information about the state of affairs in Ethiopia. This information is obtained through social media posts, direct communication with TPLF cadres, and testimonies of HAW and Tigray diaspora who had spoken with their kin in Tigray.

Also, these cells work with C2FC to fast-track the verification of social media accounts of their political and military allies. This explains why the Twitter handle of Getachew Reda, which was started in September 2020, was quickly verified in the second quarter of 2021. Apart from helping its allies and assets dominate the social media space, they also work to stifle the presence (and voice) of their opponents on social media.

Pro-ENDF Facebook Accounts Suspended en masse just before TDF’s Offensive

The fusion cells work to identify social media accounts that are operated by, or affiliated with, their targeted organizations and persons. In the second quarter of 2021, these cells identified social media accounts that are operated by, or affiliated with, the Ethiopian Information Network Security Agency (INSA), and compiled them before forwarding them to their American aids, who then pressured US-based social media companies to suspend the accounts.

On June 16, 2021, Facebook announced that “it had removed a network of fake accounts in Ethiopia targeting domestic users”, and that these accounts were associated with INSA. This reduced the ability of GoE to control social media messaging inside Ethiopia, while biasing social media parity between TPLF and GoE in favor of the former. Two days later, an alliance of Tigray armed groups, who had consolidated themselves under the umbrella of the Tigray Defence Forces (TDF), launched an offensive dubbed Operation Alula.

TDF is probably named so to imply its character as a military organization that aspires to be a national military just like the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) or Rwanda Defence Force (RDF).

These fusion cells collect and collate raw information about the state of affairs in Ethiopia…Apart from helping its allies and assets dominate the social media space, they also work to stifle the presence (and voice) of their opponents on social media.

Lethal Journalism

Richard Landes identified 3 forms of partisan war journalism. They are patriotic war journalism (e.g GoE insisting that Ethiopian media should not describe TDF as a military force but instead use TPLF to describe both TPLF and TDF), lethal war journalism (e.g foreign media reports TPLF’s propaganda as authentic news), and own-goal war journalism (where Ethiopian media reports TPLF’s propaganda as authentic news). The latter two forms of war journalism are what constitutes lethal journalism, whose aim is to de-energize the will of the target polity to resist the messaging and acts of C2FC.

In June 2021, GoE punished Addis Standard, an Ethiopian Media, for own-goal war journalism; an act that was condemned by the West using carefully scripted words, which reveals the influence of C2FC.

Professor Landes identifies lethal war journalism as prone to promoting narratives, and this is exactly what happens in Ethiopia. Starting from November 2020, GoE has been described as an ego-bloated, incapable, and cruel belligerent fighting to destroy the Tigray people, and this makes TPLF’s armed opposition a moral obligation that the world should support. The coordinated and synchronized delivery of this narrative by Western mainstream media reveals that C2FC manages the media scripting.

As Landes notes, lethal journalism works to promote a narrative using stories and claims of events, and “when (these) claims (are) disproven…these news outlets (do) nothing to correct their errors“. This was evident in July 2021 when Amnesty International purposely misguided its audience by using photographs – taken by Amanuel Sileshi – of Ethiopians being frisked, before entering a polling station, to condemn GoE for ethnic profiling in Addis Ababa.

Lethal journalism can be augmented by tweaking the algorithms of search engines. This can allow C2FC to exploit search engine algorithms so as to bias internet search results, with the goal being to improve the ranking of any article that sheds positive information about TPLF. This helps achieve information dominance, where the information provided by a specific actor dominates the reporting by mass media and social media.

Information capacitance as applied to lethal journalism allows for the deployment of a legally-sound, short-term media strategy that is laden with propaganda value and good optics. This explains why almost the same message against the Ethiopian government has been released by supposedly different Western governments, aid agencies, journalists, reports (published by research institutions), and social media personalities.


In 2011, ARK partnered with Tsamota to develop a subproject within Basma called the Syrian Commission for Justice and Accountability. This name was later changed in 2014 to the Commission for International Justice and Accountability (CIJA). CIJA used the seed fund provided by the Conflict Pool of GUK to build a transitional justice architecture to execute lawfare against the Assad government should the plan for regime change fail. The goal was to bring cases against top Syrian government officials in international courts, and then use these cases to justify specified narratives, as well as call for sanctions to be imposed on Syria.

During the Ethiopian crisis, there have been coordinated calls by pro-TPLF intellectuals, lawyers, democracy activists, NGOs, and private intelligence firms for Abiy Ahmed to be tried in an international court for crimes against humanity. In February 2021, the National Interest published a post with a self-revelatory title: Abiy Ahmed: The First Nobel Laureate On Trial at the International Criminal Court? The author, Michael Rubin, called for Abiy to “face war crimes charges”. However, this trial can only happen if Abiy is removed from power, failure of which, the calls for his prosecution will be used to justify sanctions against GoE and its top officials. This can result in sanctions being imposed on the Ethiopian people.

The featured image shows children waiting in line. PHOTO CREDIT.

An excerpt of this post has been published on our Medium blog.

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  1. Truth will come out of its well. Abiy is the greatest leader Ethiopia has ever had. Ethiopians will never kneel down to the brutal TPLF rebels and the evil westerners.

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  8. Honestly, I was seeing the same pattern:

    ▶ Many #C2FC mafia affiliated “journalists” who work FOR Rioters, BBC,… fleed to Nairobi, Kenya when the war broke out
    ▶ Western states, “medias”, and “NGOs” had been coordinated in their language and attack on the gov. of Ethiopia
    ▶They all took every fabricated story of #TPLFTerrorists credible, while arguing or ignoring other sides
    ▶They were purposely silent: on Mikadra Genocide, TPLF’s Attacks on Afar, Amhara, Eritrea, TPLF denying aid accesse, TPLF’s use of #ChildSoldiers….

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    All Ethiopian friends or who love truth, stand with us to reveal the truth to the world.

  10. You are here trying to rationalize the 9 months campaign of genocide on Tigrayans:
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    3. 5.2 million people deliberately starved;
    4. rape used as weapon of war;
    5. Ethnic cleansing committed in the western part of Tigray;
    6. 87 % health facilities destroyed; 71 % schools set ablaze; neighborhoods destroyed;

    this was done by inviting foreign armies from Eritrea, Somalia.
    UAE even contributed military drones; the most extensive drone bombardment in African soil took place in Tigray.

    as we speak, Tigray is under siege; humanitarian aid is blocked.

    You simply are trying to rationalize this.

    That makes you genocide-apologist.


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    1. The war is started by TPLF, by attacking the national army, ref. The TPLF Person, Seco Ture already revealed the truth.
    2. Though national army were, reversing the attacking and supporting the Tigray people, for the last 7 months, currently the National army have already left Tigray.
    3. The aid trucks are already at the boarder of Tigray but stoped by TPLF solders to misguide the world in the same way you mentioned.
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    Please do not push your self away from your people, Ethiopia.
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  17. Can you answer these question? HOW the war started between “TPLF and Ethiopian Gov’t “?? and WHY is it STILL on going? Can you PLEASE BE HONEST to yourself and answer these questions?

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  19. Dr.Goytom, one of the key members of the disinformation camp based in kenya is trying to justify the belligerent act of TPLF for three decades in Ethiopia. TPLF is the only organization which is in government power and work against the people who is entitled to protect.
    @ TPLF’s treason against Ethiopian Defence force leads us to humanitarian catastrophe.
    @ TPLF was and will continue as corrupt, totalitarian and biased family business which bargains against its people.
    @TPLF has divided Ethiopians, looted their properties.
    @ TPLF has killed thousends innocent civilians for three decades in Amhara, Oromia, Sidama and Afar because they opposed its tyrant leadership.
    @ Ethiopia was biggest detention center during TPLF regime. No free media, no free market, no opposition.
    Therefore point your fingers to TPLF.

    1. The Capitalist West thinks and believes that this World and its natural resources belong to him. Other countries that are non-white should not be allowed to use their resources to develop their economies. Especially, black Africa should not be allowed to developed a coherent economy and social system that are based on science and technology. Allowing other countries to develop their economies based on science and technology means that these countries become self-sufficient and proud of themselves. Therefore, African countries must be disturbed from within and outside by instigating wars. Africa must be transformed to a war Arena so that the West can steal its resources. However, for the failure of the continent the West alone is not responsible. African intellectuals, especially Ethiopians have never aware of how the capitalist West is not in favor of industrialization of the African continent. Until now Ethiopian intellectuals believed that especially America loves Ethiopia, and therefore it is not in its interest to se a broken or divided Ethiopia. Now we see that how America and Britain are doing everything to destroy Ethiopia. We do not have enough evidences other than this.

  20. Thank you Geopolitics for the information.

    We Africans very well know that America and Europe underdeveloped Africa through looting our human and natural wealth using various criminal methods:
    This is a historical fact. During the time of slave trade millions of Africans were captured and sold across the Atlantic. When this was over they looted our raw materials. After African decolonization ,they have either killed or chased out many African leaders who tried to bring about economic development to their respective peoples.We remember Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Patrice Lumumba of the Congo, Tafewa Balewa of Nigeria etc.Now they are on Abiy and Afeworki .

    Abiy knows very well that the criminal group could go as far as killing him . We love our leader and do not wish that happen to him, even if it happens their plan of attenuating Ethiopia will not materialize We have millions of Abiys in Ethiopia that will immediately replace the fallen Abiy. Ethiopia is a country of heroes. the criminals can kill our heroes but they cannot kill Ethiopia.
    It is not a surprise that they currently want to focus on Ethiopia and abolish the name Ethiopia from the map of Africa and the world..Ethiopia defies white racists in many ways and remained a campaigner for Africa’s political and economic independence. Currently it defies the new scramble for East Africa.

    African countries should carefully watch what is going in Ethiopia and support Ethiopia’s struggle against the Neo-scramble for Africa. Tomorrow it will be Djibouti or Kenya, or Tanzania or any of the west African countries that might face similar problems by such a criminal Groups financed by so called developed countries governments and media. and sham human rights Groups
    As to local mercenaries like TPLF- they will get their punishment by our gallant fighters and will not have the time to enjoy the money they get thorough the sellout of their country.
    To all enemies of Ethiopia we say Ethiopia will triumph !!!; Death to its enemies.

  21. This analysis looks paid piece of lobbyist which failed to depicted a balanced investigation. It neither provided a view how crime against humanity, ethnic cleansing, and pseudoethiopianists are obsessively pushing the the identitify and self-determination at pearl. Say it whatever the supremacy of Amhara no more prevail. It will die naturally or forcefully. No no justification of injustice and unfair commonality and control of nationality by the Supremacist pseudoethiopianists. Sooner or latter they will come to an end!

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    so that they keep removing countries who dont bow down to their wicked will
    now they face Ethiopia, i promise you not by power or might but by the spirit of the
    lord who is God of Ethiopia, they will go back clothed with a shame just
    wait and see!!!

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    It’s a dream after all !!! This is Ethiopia not Syria .

  25. Thanks for your extensive and in-depth explanation. I am not surprised that this is the case with my country. I understand very well why all this is happening. In the end, I have no doubt that my country, Ethiopia, will be victorious in the face of the sacrifices that have to be made.

  26. It is a good start, letting the world know what has happened & is unfolding in Ethhiopa. People in the west have already brain-washed by tplf propaganda thanks to lethal journalists, parasitic lobby groups & so-called intellectuals. serious investigation such as this one could help to bring people to their senses by reminding them to ask “why” . Thanks & keep it up!

  27. Those numbers are utterly exaggerated. TPLF started this war and paid lobbyist and seeks the west to revive the failed party. TPLF is the enemy of the Horn of Africa. They are traitors to the Tigray people and to Ethiopia as a whole. You need to stop lying and wake up and understand to what’s really going on and who TPLF really are. Terrorists!

    Ethiopia will prevail.

  28. 1) The numbers you listed are utterly exaggerated
    2) TPLF attacked a national military’s base and started the war
    3) TPLF committed genocide on the people of Mikadra
    4) TPLF is using child soldiers
    5) TPLF launched initial missiles into Eritrea without any provocation from Eritrea
    6) TPLF paid lobbyist and works with the west to lie and be deceitful towards what’s going on
    7) TPLF explicitly said they want the eradiation of the Amhara people and the disintegration of Ethiopia as a whole
    8) TPLF has had 27 years of corruption when they ruled Ethiopia
    9) TPLF has been categorize as a terrorist organization officially by the parliament
    10) TPLF is still fighting right now even with the federal government announcing a cease fire and withdrawing of troops
    You see all this going on and you still support the terrorist group TPLF??????? You destined to never wake up. It’s as if like lying and being a traitor is in your blood.

    Ethiopia will prevail, God-willing.

  29. USA and EU I am really Sad for you that you don’t understand the depth prophecy that will destroy your legacy and burry your whole civilization if you touch Ethiopia all priests and desert monks knows and also Ethiopian old books know what will you do next and what will happen next if you react on the base of Ethiopian weakness as advantage of your evil plan as you did in syria and Iraq . because you don’t realize that the cypher message you got and you tried to push to happen division in Ethiopia was from devil or what you call alien ! Stop this intervention if you think for your self !!!!!!

  30. One thing that I am quite sure of is that Ethiopia never failed under the army of those demen westerns. Leave them, they are wasting their time on bullshit ideas. Ethiopia will prevail!

  31. The only criminal that have committed treason generation after generations for over 1000 years is the people of Tigrei. What a cursed EVIL race.

  32. Thank you for your analysis with sound justifications. It is already known that USA and its western allies are destructing various states. USA has strong intelligence institutions back up with strong economy. We know that CIA is one of a leading intelligence institution which can able to destruct any developing states with a short life span. BUT CIA couldn’t do anything on Ethiopia. Unity at a time of external invasion & on Grand National projects are our unique features. We are as solid as CIA to keep our sovereignty. Westerners shall revalidate their policy, Win-win cooperation is the only way to work with Ethiopia. Westerners shall to look at again our back history, Adwa (Freedom Brand for black’s, GERD, and..our spiritual asset) and have to change their stand. Any ways thank you USA to return back our Solidarity and unity which was abolished for the last 27 years by TPLF and you.

  33. Ethiopia is the founder of League of Nations, it survived because of the Almighty of God. We believe in God that our country prevails and protected by his Glory, despite the backdoor discussions to disintegrate our motherland. Meanwhile, we will confront to defend our sovereignty and country. You are using the tplf as a temporary tool and to reject them later on. I assure you when it comes to the unity of our country, Ethiopians come together and defend enemies.

  34. Its amazing!!! C2FC !How the world allow for USA to distabelize counries??? USA destroyd LIBIYA,IRAK,AFGANISTAN,YEMEN,SORRIYA,CUBA,VENZUWELA,USSR ETC!!! SO WHO IS TERRIROSIT??? There is ligitmat gov’t in ethiopia and there is terriorst junta group that is TPLF.TPLF for last 30 years ruled this country without democracy and human right actions.Lots of peopls killed tourcherd and race cleansised.Now this junta group suppored by USA to continue to kill childeren in tigray and the rest of the nations.We ethiopians hate this junta TPLF and we never allowe to come to power.We will die for our freedom.Long live ethiopia, we wish death for TPLF AND HIS SUPPORTES!!!

  35. Reaveling facts as is . Salute for your genuine approach. This is big lesson for Ethiopia and other countries. Eritreans were hammered by the fake western medias, NGOS, Eu, US Aljazeera …., and the Ethiopians were blind about this . Oromo, Amhara etc…were puppets of TPLF . Now hope they learn their lesson. TPLF is crooked creature. A Terrorist where we have seen no where. Puppet of the west.

  36. What an Eye-opener. Thank you for the truth and exposing the orchestrated media war against Ethiopia by he western media and the lopsided reporting by so called humanitarian agencies.

    1. I really thank you for everything good you do (Uncovering Worst secret (it is evil work) , Lets Our God protect you and bless your work. How can a person(s) plans for Disintegration of a country hoping bad things to happen, it is Evil work. We also wish PEACE for every country and Lets God Keep PEACE for all.

  37. Don’t act like you care for our country. Don’t you have another work to do. We don’t need you.if you want to help us there are many things.please don’t pretend,we know every thing. Do we look like we are stupid. Stop it!!!!!! Ethiopia will prevail

  38. Thank you so much for sharing us this valuable information. Though, Ethiopia is quite different from other nations in many perspectives, the Westerns specially the US and EU do their evil and cruel acts to disintegrate Ethiopia and any strong nations in Africa to continue with their modern scramble for Africa, modern slavery’s by establishing powerless and pupate governments.

    In anyway, being this diabolic secrets of C2FC informed to all Ethiopians, pro-Ethiopian world governments mainly always standing against the westerns, like China, Russia, etc…..the likelihood of success in view of Syria, Yugoslavia may not be a reality, still, there might be many damaging impacts of sanctions, embargoes will put us in sever economic stresses, poverty…whatever the case, we remember the in the GERD at start, no one was willing to give us dollars, loans….still Ethiopia keeps with those patriotic children.

    Above all, exceptional, most Ethiopians believe that Ethiopia is the scared land of God and we pray to get hell all these evil, selfish and cruel westerns.

    Thank you!

  39. Thank you for mentioning at least the truth, I do not understand what is wrong with these people(TPLF). How come the whole people of Tigray is suffering for the interest of few group on power in Tigray and the Tigray people are fighting more than 100 million Ethiopian people, it is impossible to win this war in any way measurements, please come back to your mind!!! do not be the messanger of the Neo colonialism, it is really shame of shame!! for all Africans not oly Ethiopia